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Who comes to play tennis to our school?


Dozens of players on workdays as well as on weekends from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m. About one third of them are children and students, other clients are men and women from the whole Prague, there are people of various ages and professions. We even have families coming over to play, including parents with adult children. It is also possible to rent our tennis hall; the price is 400 CZK/hour.
The lessons are held for small groups or for individuals. Some of the children who started playing tennis and had undergone training at our school have become successful players and won several titles in national championships. However, there is a long road to such a great success. Andrea Strnadová, who became the winner of the Junior Wimbledon Championship three times already, was one of the players who took the long road, even though she started playing tennis only at the age of ten. We do not recommend setting too high goals, if you have only just started playing. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the opportunity to spend your free time doing something interesting. Tennis is a great social and sport activity you can do your whole life, and it is estimated that around 100 million people in the whole world play tennis. And that is the reason why even adult beginners and the whole families apply for lessons at our school.

If you decide to take lessons at our tennis school, apply in the tennis hall by submitting a completed application form you will find below, or call us on
+420 602 24 34 63. We are looking forward to possibly playing tennis together with you!
Dr. Miloš Strnad

I’m interested in taking tennis lessons at your school.

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tenisová halatenisová hala kde probíhá tenisová škola a kurzy tenisupronájem tenisové haly

Our achievements?

- We apply proven methodical procedures, use ball machines, video recording

- We organise other sports programs for those who are interested

- We had a visit from TV Tokyo who were shooting a coverage about the Czech tennis at our school

- Trained the Czech representatives in the first years of their career - up to 14 years of age
- A mutual respect of the older players towards the talented beginners and an impressive benignity of already experienced players towards older enthusiasts.

- Our aim is to teach the beginners, moderately experienced players as well as experienced players as fast as possible using modern methods.

- TV Tokyo shot coverage about us

GameTenisová hala

Success in tennis

Andrea Strnadová (* 28th May 1972) – in 1989 won the ITF Junior World Championship in doubles and in 1991 received the WTA’s “Player of the Year” award not a long time after she had started playing as a senior player.
Andrea Strnadová is the only Czechoslovak player so far who managed to become the winner of the Junior Wimbledon in two successive years (1989, 1990 - singles), and in addition to that won the doubles in 1990.

Andrea StrnadováSchool Sportaktiv

Sports schools – 27 years

PhDr. Strnad defended his doctoral thesis and dissertation on a topic “Selection of talents in sports” at the Charles University in Prague.

Children, parents and tennisChildren, parents and tennisChildren, parents and tennisChildren, parents and tennisChildren, parents and tennisChildren, parents and tennis

What are the prices?

What are the prices?

Due to a wide offer of possibilities and various ways of training, the price is determined according to specific requirements.

Training sessions with an instructor for a group of 3-4 players, duration of the course is 5 months
/lessons + instructor + hall + balls/ 6,000 CZK

Training sessions with an instructor for two players, duration of the course is 5 months
/lessons + instructor + hall + balls/ 9,900 CZK

Individual training/solo with an instructor
/lessons + instructor + hall + balls/ 900 CZK/hour

Individual training/solo with an instructor for 5 months
/lessons + instructor + hall + balls/ price 19,800 CZK


Where to find us?
Sportaktiv / tennis school Dr. Miloš Strnad Adress: Drtinova 1, Smíchov – Praha 5 (from the metro / tram. Angel - through trade. Tesco street Drtinova) Mobil tel.: +420 602 24 34 63 E-mail:   Internet:  >>